DIY Kit in a Box

Create up to 5 beautiful casts of your baby’s tiny hands and/or feet, wrinkles, lines and all!


 This do-it-yourself (DIY) casting kit contains the necessary items you need to create up to 5  Stone Sculptures of your baby’s hands and feet.



(0-3 months makes up to 5 sculptures)

(6-14 months, up to 2 sculptures)

(14 months-  10 yrs old , 1 sculpture)

Or for your four-legged friend’s limbs , up to 5 sculptures



KIT in a gift box  INCLUDES:

 - 5 x pre-measured bags of  moulding powder (safe, fume-free and non-toxic, made in Italy)

-which means no messy weighing with scales

-FREE 1 extra pre-measured bag of moulding powder (for practice) 

Our moulding powder is Made in Italy and takes high precision impressions. Every wrinkle, line and nail of your baby's cute hands and feet is captured. The powder is mixed with water, very safe, non-toxic, and dust-free.

-500g bag of pre-measured Casting Stone – enough for 5 moulds

Beautiful strong stone that won't chip, dries naturally in white so you don't even need to paint your sculptures.

-  pipette/dropper is included to get  the casting mixture in the tiny crevices of the toes and fingers

 -Photographic  Instructions

with my personal number for any questions anytime, anywhere!